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Hello and welcome,
Ulmaria is a custom UO shard that focuses on the classic lore of Ultima Online, but with a highly customized map.  Some places you may be familiar with while others are totally new.  I have reworked the old Britannia map by enhancing it with many custom graphics.  We have cut out certain parts of the map, and replaced it with our own brand new creations to offer a familiar yet new experience. My aim in doing so is to create a retro atmosphere with the element of the unknown.  The shard's gameplay will lean towards a more hardcore type of crowd but all are welcome.  We will not enforce any type of gameplay, nor will we ban or jail anyone for any reason.  We DO encourage roleplay as our map is created with that in mind and every area tells some story of the land's history.

So please, take the time to look over our screenshots and perhaps offer some suggestions.  We are expected to launch within a year and would definitely like to work on a lot more to fine tune this project.  We are always looking for talented world builders and scripters so please don't hesitate to contact me.

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