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Will now move to a monthly changelog format. But since i already have other posts up, i am just going to be posting since the 09/11/11 update post.


-Spell Damage Increase has been uncapped. Enjoy.

-Self Repair has been removed from Evos. Be warned.

-Few backend tweaks for some cool stuff in the future.

-Other misc changes that have been forgotten.



-*IMPORTANT* Read previous post.

-Updated the Enhancement System (buffed :P)

-Reworked Evo Armors (normalized stats across each piece)



-*IMPORTANT* Undead Blight champ will heavily damage your equipment. Be warned.

-As there is over 300+ file changes, I will only list the most significant.

-Guards now give murder counts on killing them

-Tracking has been fixed, should no longer crash the client.

-New Decos/Items have been added. Find them :)

-Significant rebalancing has been done.

-Should no longer be able to shrink creatures 'tamed' via Dryad Allure.

-Equipment should auto re-equip on looting your corpse.



-You may now drink potions without having to unequip your hands first.

-Level is now shown on Paper Doll instead of Skill Titles.

-Dragon Fanatics have been rebalanced. Again.

-Orc Giants will no longer spawn orcs.

-Bandits should no longer slaughter the wildlife needlessly.

-[Bandself has been added. Will automatically bandage yourself without need for targetting. [bs for short

-[Suicide has been added. Will kill your character. Instantly.

-Other misc changes I forgot (or maybe im just hiding them) :)



-Triple EXP week has ended. The experience rate has returned to normal.


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