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I know you have a lot of stuff to work on :) but more and more newb keep asking about the quests. It would be interesting to have some quest for the new players, something like the Undead hunter quest, where you get some "valuable" items

A "kill X mobs" is always simple, but you can also add some stuff like go get X item from the house in the cimetary Weast of Occlo, go give X item to X character on other side of town etc... and maybe even make it to do a tour of the basic system ([strong]/evos, board enchanting etc.)

Some basic items that could be given away that Im thinking of at the moment; basic armor, a full spellbook, ankh shield, gold, extra xp, a runebook. Maybe good time to add the "mini-evo" I already heard the idea from Nephal I think (maybe Pol xD) something not low, to help them out :) (like a basic 20lvl cap, or whit only one Hit spell etc..) that they could maybe pick from the 3 basic weap type.

Anyway, comment as you please :p

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i want that idea somebody posted to have tiered evo items

where a strong mob always drops a t1 but only rarely a t3

max a t1 turn it into t2

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