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Not sure if I can post suggestions here or not, but thought id give it a try.


What does everyone think about the command [mystats


I loved this gump in every shard i've played.


Also not sure if this is already in or not but what about pet bonding deeds for the tamers.


Also a command to see everyones pvp standings would be awesome. :D

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Care to elaborate on your command? What does it do? What is it's purpose? I know it shows your stats, but what stats?

Bonding deeds are on the shard already. Buy them at Mages I think.

PvP standings only go so far, not everyone on here is a PvPer ;)


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[mystats shows everything

All your physical stats (str, dex, int. Both the base and what your plus on them is). Your HP/Mana/stam. And all your bonus's such as fc/fcr, luck, sdi, ssi ect...

It helps to keep track of what all your bonus's are without having to scan over every piece of armor and add it all togeather


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That actually sounds pretty useful. I will see about putting that in.

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