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I was wondering how long it takes for a house to fall.  I was away for awhile cause i moved and was waiting on a new internet service. so when i logged on today i logged into an empty area wher my house used to be lol i dont mind starting over but would really like to avoid this in the future in case i have to be away for work or anything else. thanks in advance for any info on this

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My House is gone to.. noticed the lost last night, and unlike Ganarfull i wasnt away for long.. like only 2 day.

Wonder if i failed to refresh it.. but i use that house everyday!

Like Ganarful i keep play, even if i lost lots of thing on that :/ all my precious ressource (must have been in the million log and iron..) + all the arty i was stocking at house!

maybe 80ish evo and about 20 old arty.

Suck to start back! at least i had my hunt suit on me :)

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The library gazebo with the city and dungion rune books are gone. Also the house above that is gone. Might have something to do with that?

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yeop.. my big custom house is gone.. would of swore.. i had visited it enough to have kept it up.. but w/e


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just logging in to refresh house and it fell?




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