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Anthony Ordonez
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The game should have a bank that allows you to borrow money if you don't have enough in prder to but an item or what ever the player pleases.For example I want a house that is 120,000 and I only have 100,000 ill borrow 20,000 and pay it back when I can. If I do not pay the house will be taken away or something jjust like in real life. This idea will be great for those who are low level and want to achive great things. It should be for items, houses, or whatever money can buy in the game.

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I like this idea. Perhaps have investment options. Like if someone sets up a shop they can have investors place money into the shop. If it is selling and making money they get a portion of the profits?

And borrowing is a good idea, but there should be an interest rate. Something like 5% interest or something and have automatic withdrawls from your bank. That way you borrow 1 Mil for your mortgage, and every week it withdraws say 100K and 95K is taken off your debt.

Another good idea would be having a credit system where people can buy from player vendors on credit cards and get like a 15% interest rate. So every week they have to pay off their balance or get an additional 15% added to the debt. and if after 2 months the debt is not paid off their items are deleted from their characters :D Repo man, meet UO.


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A sweet idea Aldar, the repo sounds good, could more than likely have a Councillor set-up to work out item costs do it manually.


GrandMaster Annoyance

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I love the idea, but this will require some complex coding, and I am sure Polaris has a lot of things on his plate.

Personally I would love a saving account. Put money in and it returns an interest over a certain amount of time.

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To make it more simplistic, there could always be negative bank notes, that are only active after, say, 5 days (modifiable for up to one week.)

Once they are active, any money put into the bank will go into paying off the negative note. it will be non removable. I can also see other such items, such as Bag of payment, and Box of dept.

This idea would eliminate the maintenance needed!

Councelors would be cool as well. I wouldn't mind helping out new players.


Character: DEATH

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