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I posted some of the ideas in the insurance post for end game content. I was thinking maybe we should make dungeons level specific so they are harder and can't be soloed. Also you can make a zone only for level 95+ where the epic bosses are. I know you guys have put alot of time in the game already just trying to make the server successful so what are your thoughts?

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Also make some of the epic gear level required and some of the better gear as well so a level 1 can't have full 80s this will make the game replay higher imo. 

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sure, got an idea of what dungeons should have what? i need a plan. :)


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Create a dungeon that has a door that needs two keys to open; the dungeon should be full of dead ends, and narrow pathways. You should have switches that lead to open rooms that each hold the respective key, however guarded by a [strong] monster that is particularily stonger than usual strongs. Also, to prevent soloing, you could make it a requirement to be in a party to open the door, once the two keys are obtained.

Beyond the door could be some kind of... hoard? Or even be clever and place a one-way portal into a Maze that leads to an eventual boss room, which drops massive amounts of gold upon death. At the end, have there be 4 different doors to 4 different portals. In the maze, have there be a chest in the center that randomly generate 1 of 4 keys to said doors.

Only one of these portals lead out, while the three others lead to a copy of the first section, only the after getting the two keys for the door, it leads to a portal that places you outside.

hm... Hey, let me know if you'd like a blueprint! Dungeons are always fun to invent... And I have many ideas!


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Dungeon Idea 1: (Abandoned Dwarf Mine)

The opening of the Dungeon has 3 paths (left, right, middle).  Both the left and right paths are open and the middle has two locks on it.  The group has to go both paths to kills a boss to open the middle path. 

Left Path: (Warriors Path) The Left Path would consist of easy to medium mobs with 2 gates.  The Mobs would consist of melee type creatures that hit for low to medium dmg, for example like ogres, ogre lords, orcs, etc. (all have added dmg).  At each gate would consist of a Semi Boss that is scrictly a melee type (non casting)  they could have special skills such as bushido, ninjitsu, chivarly, etc.

Right Path: (Mage Path)  The Right path would be somewhat harder because it would consist of mage user mobs.  My idea of this path would be having lots of orcs (added str of course) with Orc mages and Orc Necromancers.  The right path would not have any gates just a Semi Boss at the end of the tunnel.  The Boss could be a Necro Lord that can cast many hordes and that cast debuffs and such.

The Center Path:  After both keys have been obtained you are to fight a combination of both the right and left path.  The way I think this could work is you have Gates like the left path perhaps 1 to 3 with the same concept of the semi bosses but making them actual bosses.  At the end of the middle path there lays a Boss Elite and from there you can use your imagination what he can and cannot do.

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Also heres a added thing for the mobs:

Left Path + 50% added skills/stats

Right Path +80% added skills/stats

Center Path + 100% added skills/stats

Semi Boss +180% added skill/stat (with extra HP)

Boss + 225% added skill/stat (with extra HP)

Boss Elite + 300% added skill/stat (with extra HP)

Boss Supreme +500% added skill/stat (with extra HP)


This is just a rough sketch I don't know how much stronger these mobs will be with the added stats.  But the point is trying to make it Non-Soloable is where im trying to be heading.

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